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CB EngineCB Engine is a ClickBank asset tool that provides you with the reports, data, metrics that are not directly unveiled by ClickBank which help the affiliates to expand their sales by promoting changing over products than spending time with the non-changing over ones. 

In reality, there are numerous tools that is being offered by CB Engine. It offers tools like ClickBank Refund Calculator, ClickBank Reverse Commission Calculator, ClickBank Affiliate Hoplink Generator, ClickBank Hoplink Generator, and different also. 

How does CBEngine give that mystery data? 

The second inquiry which may emerge in your psyche is, in what capacity can CB Engine do that? To my experience, CB Engine additionally can’t reveal similar data, yet it gives you a gauge of the sales by examining the feeds of ClickBank with the assistance of amazing algorithms. By the utilization of algorithms, CB Engine will in general provide you with reasonable and profitable data from non-sense or not understandable data (feeds) accessible effectively outside. 

CBEngine Pros 

The best part about CB Engine is that it will make your life simple by helping you discover and promote the exceptionally paying and changing over products. While the following best thing is it will make your ways for the Niche which is commonly ignored by numerous individuals because of the absence of mindfulness about that niche. 

The paid version makes the way for some different features which you can appreciate throughout your affiliate venture. 

CBEngine Cons :

  • If the tools can be improved to inform users about the most trending products rather than users willfully searching for them then that would be a decent fix. 
  • If any mail setting off facility is empowered like when the payout of a product is more prominent than $ trigger a caution to my email conditions is anything but difficult to compose then that would make the employment of users simpler as opposed to rivaling the other CB Engine users. 


The above-examined usefulness is provided by CB Engine through the accompanying tools, I will walk you through those tools now so you can get the most extreme information on how they work? and how might you make them work for you? 

  • Recent Gravity 
  • Vendor Payout 
  • New Product Listing 
  • Accurate Filter 

Recent Gravity Tool 

Recent Gravity – Graph Form tool will assist you with discovering the conversion rate and level of a particular product without any problem. The conversion rate or demand of a product changes broadly based on its type, time period, and quality says, for instance, the conversion rates of air conditioners would be more in summer than in examination with winter. 

Likewise, the conversion rate is profoundly reliant on the time period, and on the off chance that it’s anything but an ordinarily utilized product, at that point you can’t assess the period during which it is sold most extreme and pass up an awesome chance. This Graph Form tool drills down the conversion pace of the product as a graph. 

Vendor Payout/ClickBank Commission Calculator 

As we have examined, about various types of affiliate products above, in the event that you don’t deal with the Vendor payout or affiliate commission, at that point. This tool can assist you with burrowing the best-paying vendor and how their payouts fluctuate. 

New Product Listing 

CB Engine’s new product listing would contemplate the market trends through ClickBank and outside it to recognize the probability of which product could be dispatched into the market in not so distant future and provide you those subtleties. This data can empower you to plan a review for the product a long time before the dispatch.

CB Engine

Accurate Filter 

Sometimes you probably won’t locate the required product in the ClickBank search on the grounds that the search is overwhelmed by the installment factor of the vendor. While CB Engine’s accurate filter isn’t much, it would drill down the product you have searched for with no installment parameter impacting the search results. 

This tool causes you to discover the vendor products that pay more to affiliates as opposed to ClickBank to drill down their product on the highest point of search results. 

CB Press Plugin 

CB Press plugin is a standout amongst other plugins accessible on the lookout for getting the ClickBank commercial center to your WordPress dashboard. 

CBpress WordPress Plugin CB ENGINE 

CB PRESS – The Ultimate Click Bank in the Marketplace Plugin for WordPress!


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