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FreepikWhile the colloquialism “A picture merits 1,000 words” is easy to refute, nobody can prevent the effect from getting a decent image in the current digital marketing scene. Freepik has gotten the go-to for visuals, with the organization gloating more than 100 million month to month downloads over its various stages. 

We brought a profound plunge into Freepik to check whether it’s the correct decision for users. To do this, we investigated the accompanying highlights: 

  • Photos 
  • Vectors 
  • PSD 
  • Stories 
  • Premium 


  • For users, Freepik is an extraordinary stage to locate the correct illustrations to coordinate your blogs, copy, or web content. 
  • Freepik offers a great many photos, vectors, and PSDs for users to pick from. Regardless of whether accurate photos or graphics are inaccessible for lesser-known subjects, a connected image shouldn’t be elusive. 
  • It is easy for users to discover and download assets. Premium users can benefit as much as possible from Freepik’s assessed 7 million+ assets. 
  • For contributors, Freepik is a great stage to begin and investigate one’s innovativeness. It is anything but difficult to join as a contributor. Each client gets a reasonable opportunity to get affirmed by Freepik’s editors. 


  • A huge con for users is as far as possible with the expectation of complimentary users. Non-enrolled free users permitted 3 downloads every day while enlisted ones can download 10. 
  • While their Premium plans are sensible, countless client reviews appear to have an awful involvement in their subscriptions. Problematic client experience and pointless client assistance are other client concerns.
  • Freepik’s contributor model may profit a few users. Notwithstanding, others have griped that the distributing norms are excessively high. Regardless of whether creators get in, procuring a nice sum is extreme and a few contributors acquire pennies following quite a while of exertion. 

Main Features to Look at:

We investigated Freepik’s primary highlights inside and out to check whether they were as easy and viable as their rivals: 


Vectors are apparently Freepik’s greatest contribution, with 100,000+ images spread out more than 40 classes. All you may require from creature vectors to backgrounds and symbols is readily available. 


Freepik rose to prevalence as one of the go-to sources for getting free images all through the most recent decade. Truth be told, you’d only occasionally discover a blog entry without the “Designed by Freepik” tag. 


Freepik’s third principle include is ideal for editors, marketing groups, and bloggers all over the place. The website gives basic PSD formats that can be downloaded and altered utilizing Adobe Photoshop. These altered formats can be utilized for various purposes. 


Freepik takes things to the following level by permitting users to energize the components inside an outline. These animations are fairly straightforward. For instance, you can choose the movement for the passage of a character or foundation component.


There are 3 sorts of users on Freepik – non-enrolled free users, enlisted free users, and premium users. Non-enlisted free users are restricted to only 3 downloads every day and enrolled free users are restricted to 10 downloads. 

You can pick between two Premium subscriptions – month to month or yearly. Both of these alternatives are evaluated sensibly, with the yearly arrangement costing $99.00 like clockwork or $8.25/month and the month to month plan costing $11.99 every month. 

Freepik for a Contributor 

Freepik’s Contributor Model is the essential wellspring of visuals on the stage, which records countless yearly downloads. A few experts in the business have applauded the Contributor Model. 


The installment technique depicted above shows that contributors can acquire a huge pay, however just if their assets are popular with Freepik’s guests. Since income are connected to downloads, contributors must research the latest things and convey them in a like manner

Elite Designers 

Users can likewise join Freepik as a restrictive designer. These designers work with Freepik’s craft chiefs and produce illustrations dependent on their necessities. They need to deliver at least 40 illustrations every month, and there is a fixed cost for each picture. 



After an itemized audit, obviously Freepik is home to one of the most exhaustive realistic asset libraries. It is a balanced instrument that helps people and marketing/online media groups to rapidly support their content’s visual allure. The capacity to just pick an image to rapidly download, alter, and distribute, is a lifeline with regards to dynamic web content.


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