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Keyword EyeKeyword Eye is a visual keyword and competitor research tool. It features enlightening keyword search results in an intuitive, graphical view. 

This extensive set-up of advanced advertising tools was intended for advertisers for them to improve their strategies and have an edge over the competition. 

With Keyword Eye, organizations can understand what they are facing by picking up a knowledge into their opponents’ AdWords keywords and their natural rankings. This permits them to imitate similar moves or make a comparative yet special one of their own. 

Moreover, Keyword Eye even shows what questions are moving and what content are coming up for particular keywords. This gives them a thought of what keywords or questions to adjust their content to for more noteworthy deceivability in search engines and in the web. 

Outline of Keyword Eye Benefits :

Visual Keywords 

KeywordEye’s fundamental attraction is that it grandstands keyword suggestions in a visual way. The tool shows what individuals are searching for in Google, Amazon, and YouTube to empower organizations to target explicit keywords and adjust their SEO with long tail keywords. Thusly, they can move in the search rankings rapidly since they are more engaged in their niche. 

Competitor Monitoring 

With KeywordEye, watching out for competitors’ moves is made simpler. The tool conveys information with respect to their content and the keywords they use to uplift their odds of scaling search engine rankings. In addition, the advertising tool shows how these contents are faring in the web—regardless of whether they are moving in that particular niche. 

Question Research 

Keyword Eye separates itself from other competitor insight tools by empowering users to search for moving questions on the web. This allows them to focus on the significant inquiries and join those in their content and advertising procedures to pull in more website guests and increment their odds of converting clients. 

One Platform Collaboration 

Keyword Eye’s interface is a simple to-utilize one wherein up to 10 individuals can cooperate. They can do this from a similar record so they can speedily divide among them their research. This tool is particularly useful for advertising firms who have individuals working together on ventures. 

Diagram of Keyword Eye Features :

  • Unlimited Keyword Search 
  • Google Databases Search 
  • Google CPC Data 
  • Competitor Analysis 
  • LSI Keyword Tool 
  • Question Finder 
  • Link Analysis 
  • Trending Content 


Since organizations have explicit business needs, it is only reasonable that they avoid choosing an across the board, “awesome” framework. Notwithstanding, it is problematic to attempt to risk on such an application even among sought-after programming solutions. The intelligent thing to embrace is to record the few key perspectives that require deliberation including key highlights, evaluating, expertise fitness of the users, business size, and so forth the second step is, you should twofold down on your item research comprehensively. 

Peruse some Keyword Eye surveys and investigate the other programming items in your rundown all the more intently. Such balanced research learn you take out ill-suited programming solutions and buy in to the one which meets all the advantages your organization needs for progress.

Position of Keyword Eye in our primary classes: 

In the event that you are considering Keyword Eye it could likewise be a smart thought to break down other subcategories of SEO Software assembled in our base of B2B programming audits. 

Since every venture has particular business needs, it is reasonable for them to abstain from searching for a one-size-fits-all impeccable programming framework. Obviously, it is vain to attempt to discover such a framework even among popular programming solutions. 

We understand that when you settle on a decision to purchase SEO Software it’s significant not exclusively to perceive how specialists assess it in their audits, yet in addition to see whether the genuine individuals and organizations that get it are really happy with the item. The data is then introduced in a simple to process structure demonstrating the number of individuals had positive and negative involvement in Keyword Eye. 

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Keyword Eye Pricing Plans: 

  • Free Trial 
  • Pro Monthly Plan 
  • $44/month

Buying in to one of the paid plans causes you take advantage of this tool. The BASIC arrangement is ideal for new bloggers and website proprietors who need a fast and simple approach to find low competition keywords without going through a ton of money to do as such.



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