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Keyword KegKeyword Keg is a powerful and natural keyword research suite from Axeman Tech, the producers of the mainstream Keyword Everywhere program module. It’s appropriate for everyone from specialists to a SEO office. With Keyword Keg, you can get results for 11 distinctive APIs, and Keyword Keg will discover your keyword in various Search engine results pages (SERPs). 


Keyword Keg fabricates its suite around five unique methods of bringing in or finding keywords, and the metrics and channels that permit you to look at, winnow down, and zoom into your discoveries. The result is complete information that ends up being vital for search engine optimization. 


  1. Find Keywords: Enter as many as 30 keywords all at once. 
  2. Import Keywords: You can either reorder keywords or transfer keywords in a CSV or Microsoft Excel document. 
  3. Related Keywords Tool: Discover the keywords Google features at the lower part of its search results. You will approach in no way different metrics for related keywords as you accomplished for customary keywords. 
  4. People Also Ask For Keywords Tool: Known as the PASF Tool, this shows you the keywords in the “individuals additionally request” portion of the Google search results for your term. 
  5. Merge Words Tool: This lets you search for different keywords at once and blend and match keywords to perceive how different combinations impact search results. 


  • Volume: See the number of individuals is searching for your keyword consistently in your nation of decision.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC): The sum you’d pay for a keyword in your compensation per-click (PPC) crusade. 
  • On-Page SEO trouble: See if the main 10 results have been enhanced by having the keyword in their title, description, headings, and so forth 
  • Off-Page SEO trouble: See how powerful the backlinks are and how strong the space authority is for the best 10 results. 
  • SEO Difficulty: Synthesized from the On-Page and Off-Page scores, this measurement discloses to you how testing it would be for another site to rank for a given keyword. The lower the score the more probable you’d be to rank for your search term. 
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR) Scope: This is the proportion of how much traffic top search results get. 
  • Keyword Power: This is a measure dependent on a keyword score in the fields of monthly volume, CPC, SEO Difficulty, and CTR Scope. It permits you to think about things. 

Various Metrics: 

  • Freshness: The proportion of how regularly a site’s content has been refreshed. 
  • Context: Find out if the client is searching with the aim to purchase, searching for item information, or utilizing the keyword in a question. 
  • SERPs: Find out which SERPs, other than natural search results, your keyword shows up in. This incorporates video, bits, information diagrams, advertisement postings, nearby postings, video postings, picture postings, news postings, item postings, and so forth 
  • Sort: You can set models that will sift through pointless keywords. 
  • 11 APIs: Search for your keyword on Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Wikipedia,, and the Google Play Store. 

How It’s Used 

Keyword Keg is anything but difficult to utilize! You start by composing your keyword into the search bar. At that point, you select the nations, APIs, and result types. Once you get your results, you can sort by volume, CPC, CTR scope, and so forth you can likewise sift through results that aren’t useful as if their PPC is restrictively high. At the point when you’re done, you can send out your results, duplicate them, or add your keyword to a rundown. 

Dialects and Countries: 

As of now, Keyword Keg is only accessible in English and only administrations the accompanying nations: Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the United States. There are plans to add more nations and dialects later. 


While there is no free-preliminary, Keyword Keg has a 48-hour return strategy, which serves a similar function. Something else, estimating goes from $38, appropriate for specialists, to $762 every month, ideal for SEO organizations. There are additional limits accessible for yearly subscriptions. 

Keyword Keg

Primary concern: 

With regards to which keyword suite to pick, you’ll need to just test things out and sort out what works for you. At times one help doesn’t have the specific apparatus you need, so you may, as a computerized advertiser, end up utilizing numerous stages.


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