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Keyword RevealerKeyword Revealer tool is a famous keyword research tool. There are a lot of assets and tools that you can use to discover the keywords which can carry more individuals to your website. Utilizing the correct keywords will help users discover your site. 

What Keyword Revealer Offers? 

Keyword Revealer is a keyword research tool. It permits you to utilize a seed topic or keyword to pull potential keywords. You can assess every conceivable keyword as per patterns, trouble score, normal figures in SERPS, and then some. It can likewise be utilized to conceptualize for more powerful long-tail keywords and check your keyword rankings on Google. 

1.Keyword Research 

From the Keyword Revealer Keyword Research dashboard, you can click on “The present Searches” or “Saved Searches.” These two options will give you a diagram of any keyword searches that you’ve just run. 

To begin another keyword search, you will utilize the “Keyword Search” field. Then enter it in the search field. Pick your favored search location and search language and afterward click on “Search.” 

Traditional keyword research 

After you’ve signed in to your record, you can search utilizing your seed keyword for your website’s top niche or topic. You can limit your search results by choosing the Google database of the particular country that you need to get keywords from. 

Competitor-based keyword research 

In the event that you need to understand what keywords your competitors are utilizing, you can reverse-engineer your search. Type in the URL for your competitor’s website and hit “Search.” This will show you what keywords your competition positions for. 

Keyword Data 

For your searched seed keyword, you will get keyword thoughts. For every keyword thought, you can see run of the mill keyword information, for example, cost per click (for PPC promotions) and monthly volume (for natural keyword research). Keyword Revealer likewise has a Profit section. 

Keyword Difficulty 

Keyword Difficulty is the trouble level for positioning on the main page of SERPs for a keyword. There’s a breaking point to the quantity of keywords that you can assess every day, contingent upon the valuing plan that you’ve bought. 

Saved Keywords tab 

Any keywords that you assess are not saved consequently. You need to click on the blue “Spare” button to add a keyword to your rundown of keywords in the “Saved Keywords” tab. 

You can spare keywords, eliminate them, or download them as CSV.

2.Rank Tracker 

Viewing your keyword rankings is a great method to see your SEO mission’s adequacy. On the off chance that your results continue expanding, at that point you’re clearly accomplishing something right. In any case, on the off chance that your rankings continue to diminish, at that point something should be done to reverse that pattern. 

3.Keyword Brainstorming

Once in a while the Keyword Research highlight simply isn’t sufficient to locate the correct keywords for your business. A few results may have search volumes that are excessively low, while others may experience issues scores that are excessively high. 


  • Physically finding keyword trouble – Keyword Revealer can be contrasted with other keyword research tools like Long Tail Pro, SEMrush, and so forth Those tools will stack keywords trouble score immediately when results show up. 
  • You can only assess three keywords all at once. 
  • Here and there when utilizing the Keyword Research include, the results don’t discover anything. 
  • Searching for and assessing keywords takes too long frequently. 
  • Basic secondary highlights – The Keyword Research include is amazing. Notwithstanding, a portion of different highlights are deficient in highlights. 
  • Keyword Research highlight gives results to only the principal top 10 pages. 

Pros :

  • Strong keyword data – You get a great deal of information from each keyword evaluation. It pulls data from web-based media and search engines (normal SEO metrics from SERPs, trouble scores). 
  • Basic, clear interface – Keyword Revealer keeps everything in one focal location, not at all like different solutions that different keyword research into various sub-pages. 
  • You can channel keywords 
  • You can spare and download keywords 
  • You can conceptualize for keywords 
  • You can utilize the rank tracker highlight to see your keywords’ adequacy 

Keyword Keg

Keyword Revealer Conclusion 

The free version gives you admittance to a portion of the fundamental highlights. It’s a magnificent method to evaluate the tool to sort out on the off chance that it accommodates your necessities. 

Buying in to one of the paid plans causes you take advantage of this tool. The BASIC arrangement is ideal for new bloggers and website proprietors who need a fast and simple approach to find low competition keywords without going through a ton of money to do as such.


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