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KeywordToolKeywordTool is exceptional if all you require is admittance to point by point keyword research. In any case, the stage is valued like an across the board SEO tool while lacking vigorous ranking and competition examination features. 


  • Extremely basic UI 
  • Can drill down into explicit inquiry stages 
  • Keyword results depend on autocomplete 
  • Detailed search volume information included 


  • Surprisingly costly for what you get 
  • Competition examination features are frail 
  • Cost-per-click information is excluded with Pro Basic 

KeywordTool is a direct and highly compelling SEO tool for researching keywords. It separates keyword information across different high-volume locales like Google, YouTube, Amazon, and more. 

What’s more, it’s anything but difficult to dive down into fundamental promoting information like cost-per-click, search volume, and competition. Remember that Keyword Tool is certainly not an across the board SEO research stage, however, so the cost for this software is shockingly high. 

Plans and Pricing 

Keyword Tool begins at $89 every month or $828 every year, making it shockingly costly for a stage that just performs keyword examination. At this value, the Pro Basic arrangement leaves out cost-per-click information and Google Ads competition scores, which are pretty significant. You additionally just get one client account. 


Keyword Tool can be separated into three essential features: fundamental keyword research, competition investigation, and search volume examination. 

Keyword Research 

The principle motivation to utilize Keyword Tool is that it basically dominates at key keyword research. Type in any keyword into a straightforward inquiry bar, and the stage will restore a list of keywords generated by Google autocomplete. That is a to some degree unexpected approach in comparison to generally across the board SEO stages take to discovering keywords, and it very well may be considerably more intelligent of what guests are really looking for. 

Competition Analysis

Competition examination in Keyword Tool works uniquely in contrast to in other SEO tools. At the point when you enter a competitor’s space, the stage restores a list of keywords that is gotten from site content instead of query items. 

Search Volume Analysis 

The hunt volume examination include in Keyword Tool offers an approach to look further into the volume information that is introduced in the keyword results tables. You get a barchart that separates the real number of looks for a keyword on a month-by-month premise. It’s not carefully important to take a gander at these outlines as a rule, yet it’s ideal to have the option to dive somewhat more profound into search volume information before possibly putting resources into advertisements around a keyword. 

Interface and In Use 

Keyword Tool’s UI is probably more or less basic. The program based interface is worked around an inquiry bar where you can enter keywords or a competitor’s area. Benevolent options on top of the pursuit bar permit you to channel your hunt by country or city or via search stage. 


You can connect with Keyword Tool by means of email by utilizing a contact structure on the company’s website. Reactions during business hours are fast—for the most part inside a couple of hours. In any case, note that the Keyword Tool team works on Hong Kong business hours, which are something contrary to business hours for most US-based organizations. 

The Competition 

Keyword Tool is an extraordinary decision on the off chance that you simply need essential keyword research introduced in a clear manner. Notwithstanding, the stage costs probably as much as a subscription with across the board SEO tools like Serpstat and Moz Pro. These can be somewhat more confounding to begin with, however they give substantially more vigorous features to competition investigation and web index rank checking. In any case, one prominent contrast is that these stages don’t utilize autocomplete to discover keywords identified with your inquiry, as Keyword Tool does. 



Keyword Tool is one of the least demanding and most competent tools out there with regards to leading basic keyword research. The UI is unfathomably basic, and you can get keyword information for Bing, Amazon, and eBay in addition to Google. In any case, at the cost of the software, you could similarly too put resources into an across the board SEO tool with a lot more extravagant list of capabilities.


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