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                       What is Lucidchart?

LucidchartLucidchart is a definitive diagramming tool that provides businesses and professional individuals with a web-based, easy to understand flowchart platform stacked with numerous features and capacities to assist them with their diagramming needs. Utilized by in excess of 6 million users everywhere on the world, Lucidchart permits one to create flow and organization charts, wireframs and UML, among numerous others. 

Ideal tool for Brainstorming and overseeing projects 

Lucidchart is an ideal outline tool for brainstorming and overseeing projects. The tool additionally works easily with mainstream web applications and business frameworks, including Google Apps. Lucidchart is instinctive to the point that it is utilized in numerous enterprises, including engineering, web design and advancement, and business sectors. 

Professional Works 

What Lucidcharts basically provides you is a platform that empowers you to create appealing and professional looking graphs for nearly all you require for work – business presentations, organization charts for the workplace, even emergency-exit illustrations. And you don’t should be a graphic artist or a professional designer to completely use the framework. Lucidchart is inviting to such an extent that sketching and sharing professional flowchart charts is a breeze. 


This famous, online graph software is adaptable to your workflows, which implies you don’t need to alter the way you work to join Lucidchart to your framework. Adding to Lucidchart’s vaunted convenience is its consistent incorporations with huge numbers of the world broadly utilized and similarly well-known business frameworks and applications, for example, Google Apps, Google Drive, JIVE, Atlassian, and more. Beside, making appealing flow charts and graphs, sending out them in different standard file configurations or distributing them to a few online archive watcher isn’t a problem. 

Lucidchart Features :

  • IT/Engineering 
  • ER graph tool 
  • UML graph tool 
  • Network graph software 
  • P&ID software 
  • AWS network graph software 
  • Database design tool 
  • Visio online 
  • Workflow chart software 
  • Business 
  • Free flowchart software and models
  • Free org outline software 
  • Data flow chart software 
  • Value stream mapping software 
  • Business process mapping tool 
  • Process documentation software 
  • Process mapping software 
  • BPMN software 
  • Product Management and Design 
  • Wireframe software 
  • iPhone mockups 
  • Android mockups 
  • iPad mockups 
  • Floor plan software 
  • Venn graph producer 
  • Mind mapping software 
  • Concept map producer 

The proficient thing to embrace is observe the few boss angles that need examination including significant features, plans, specialized skill capacity of staff individuals, organizational size, and so forth At that point, you should do the product research comprehensively. Examine these Lucidchart review articles and look at the other software choices in your waitlist in detail. 

Lucidchart is likewise recorded in the accompanying subcategories:

  • Collaboration Tools Software#17 
  • Web Collaboration Software#12 

Since every organization has specific business needs, it is reasonable for them to cease from looking for a one-size-fits-all perfect software application. Obviously, it is pointless to attempt to discover such a framework even among market-driving software arrangements. The sharp activity is list the different significant components that need thought, for example, fundamental features, finances, skill levels of staff individuals, company size and so on At that point, you ought to do your groundwork completely. Guess some Lucidchart Thoughts Mapping Software reviews and investigate every one of different frameworks in your waitlist in detail. 

The amount Does Lucidchart Cost? 

Lucidchart Pricing Plans: 

  • Free Trial 
  • Basic- – $5.95/month 
  • Pro – $9.95/month 
  • Team- – $24/month 

Enterprise: Lucidchart offers four pricing plans for users to browse, including a statement based enterprise pricing bundle for bigger organizations: 

  • Basic – $4.95/month (annual billing) or $5.95/month (monthly billing) 
  • Pro – $8.95 per month (annually billed) or $9.95 per month (monthly billed) 
  • Team – Starts at $20/month (annual billing) or $24/month (monthly billing) 

Wide Features 

  • Enhanced authentication 
  • Enterprise-wide control 
  • User Satisfaction 
  • Positive Social Media Mentions 
  • Negative Social Media Mentions 


Punch Line

We understand that when you settle on a choice to purchase Mind Mapping Software it’s significant not exclusively to perceive how specialists assess it in their reviews, yet additionally to see whether the genuine individuals and organizations that get it are really happy with the product. That is the reason we’ve created our conduct based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm that accumulates customer reviews, comments and Lucidchart reviews over a wide scope of social media sites. 


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