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Merch InformerMerch Informer is a product utility explicitly made for Merch by Amazon sellers to accelerate and rearrange the T-shirt research measure. It permits you to research, arrange, top choice, and find new keywords – all while never going straightforwardly to! 

Merch Informer was made by two fruitful Merch sellers. In 2015 alone, Neil and Todor have made over $150,000 with their Merch undertakings. 


  • Makes research simple – Get keywords and contender data in one spot. It beats the old method of getting things done. 
  • Moderate – The most elevated level is just worth $59.99/month which is a significant take. 
  • Loaded with assets – Merch Informer accompanies probably the most valuable assets for shirt selling. 


  • Amateur arrangement doesn’t offer a lot – It doesn’t approach item and watchword following which is a disgrace. 
  • Free trial requires credit card data – This may be an issue for certain clients who are not happy with giving over their credit card data immediately. 
  • Expectation to absorb information – Not every person will comprehend the calculation Merch Informer employments. In the event that you need to figure out how it functions.

How Does Merch Informer Work? 

Merch Informer utilizes Amazon’s API to pull down just a specific arrangement of information or rules. Instead of pulling down all conceivable information from Amazon postings (like rating or reviews), the API permit engineers to single out what information they need to show. 

Isn’t that a greatly improved design? 

Merch Informer shows the main 100 outcomes for any watchword you type in, and afterward coordinates it by Best Sellers Rank. This is unfathomably valuable and spares you a huge load of time. The vast majority of us are accustomed to going the Novelty and More part of Amazon, entering in a watchword, and afterward filtering through page after page for a plan with a low BSR that we want to develop. 


Here are some the things it can do: 

Merchant Search 

Permits you to look by Merchant/Brand. Helpful for finding the Top 100 top of the line plans of a specific brand, and afterward records them in rising Best Sellers Rank. Low BSR at the top, and higher BSR at the base. 

Item Search 

Permits you to look through either the Homepage of, or the Novelty and More “Merch” part of Amazon. Helpful for discovering the number of other Merch plans are utilizing a specific statement or catchphrase, or perceiving the number of non-Merch plans are on the entirety of Amazon. 

Top choice 

Subsequent to looking and discovering potential shirts – you can Favorite them for some other time. You can likewise sort out shirts by classification. For example, you can add Elf and Santa under a Christmas class. Not any more gigantic spreadsheets to stress over! 

Advanced Competition Checker 

Gives you some snappy numbers for other significant information. This is what that resembles for the expression “Interesting wolf”: 

Watchword Finder 

Uses Amazon’s Autocomplete highlight. This causes you find other shirts with fundamentally the same as titles. I’ll give you a model: 


The whole website is made sure about with a SSL testament. That implies the entirety of your own data is put away securely and will never be shared. In addition, since you are connecting your Amazon API record to Merch Informer (you will be provoked to make one upon enlistment on the off chance that you don’t already have one), the entirety of your item look through occur through the Amazon API. 

Copyright Check 

Rapidly check the information base for copyright. Amazon pays attention to copyright encroachment very, so you better start checking with each shirt you make. 

With the snap of a catch, it affixss your item search directly into Trademarkia. You don’t need to type in the expression. 


In case you’re utilizing the Keyword Finder, you’ll notice a “Score” section. This grades the term on a size of A-E relying upon the number of Merch shirts have laready been made for that term. 

The score of “A” signifies you should think about it, and “E” signifies it’s a pretty immersed catchphrase and you should focus on a less broad niche. 

Merch Informer


Merch Informer is an unquestionable requirement have for anybody keen on joining the Merch by Amazon business. This apparatus gives sellers all they’ll require to even the battleground and bring in some cash.


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