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MerchantWordsMerchantWords is the product of CEO and Founder George Lawrence. A software engineer in terms of professional career, George dispatched MerchantWords in December of 2012 to help venders sort out which products purchasers are searching for. 

As an Amazon dealer, wouldn’t it be truly ideal to get inside your purchaser’s head and realize which products they are searching for inside the Amazon marketplace? 

This is actually what MerchantWords does. By giving you assesses for the complete number of searches for some random term, you realize which products are popular and hence, are expected chances. 

Search Amazon, Walmart and Merchant Words 

One component that is very useful is the alternative to search explicit terms on Amazon, Walmart and MerchantWords utilizing their standard search, or the “page 1” search, which we’ll clarify more beneath. These are extraordinary approaches to investigate the opposition, or further dive down into a specialty to locate the ideal product. 

You should simply drift your mouse more than one of the search results at that point float your mouse again over the amplifying glass symbol that shows up. This arrangement is very natural and truly improves work process when examining new products. 

Separating and CSV Download 

One search term can create thousands, if not large number of results that may not be anything but difficult to sift through individually. The program accompanies separating alternatives where you can decide to show all outcomes as indicated by their classes or as per volume. 

It additionally furnishes you with an alternative to download the information to CSV design which is a huge assistance, particularly when you need to investigate the data disconnected. 

Posting Advisor 

One late enormous change to MerchantWords is the presentation of their exceptional optimization administration for your Amazon postings. 

This is unmistakably an endeavor by MerchantWords to move away from being a straightforward search engine and offer more important types of assistance focused on Amazon venders. 

The guarantee is an accomplished for you, completely enhanced Amazon postings with: 

  • Keyword enhanced title. 
  • 5 product highlight list items. 
  • Text and HTML portrayals. 
  • Backend terms. 
  • Additional keyword pack. 
  • 1 free revamp. 


As of now, there are three MerchantWords plans to look over: 

US – Gives you limitless admittance to US information for just $30 every month or $300 per year. 

Worldwide – Gives you limitless admittance to worldwide information for just $60 per month or $600 per year. 

‘Different Countries – Gives you limitless admittance to information from one of the 9 different nations with devoted Amazon stores for $15 per month, or $150 every year. 

As should be obvious, these plans permit you to tailor your membership to coordinate your utilization and offer a year at the cost of 10 on the off chance that you pick the year-long membership. 

Incentive for Money? 

At the hour of composing, MerchantWords offers a markdown which brings the month to month cost of $39 every month for the worldwide arrangement. 

While this speaks to a fair sparing, MerchantWords recently offered a rebate that made the software accessible for a simple $9 per month. 

For some drawn out clients, it will be difficult to legitimize this extra cost when numerous other Amazon research choices exist now, with ostensibly better highlights. 


In general Verdict

While the possibility of an apparatus that gives straightforward search volume information worked years back with the Google Keyword Tool, MerchantWords now isn’t exceptionally precise with its appraisals. It likewise doesn’t assist that better choices with more highlights custom fitted explicitly to Amazon merchant have since come out. 

At the old rebate cost of $9, MerchantWords merited a look, however even with the best markdown just decreasing the cost to $39 now, it is difficult to legitimize the cost of this software when there are presently much better choices on the market.


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