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NetflixNetflix is a streaming service started as a niche branch of the company’s disk-mailing service, it is currently the front-sprinter in the category, thanks to its reliable center catalog and some of the best original programming. Netflix also integrates excellent usability features across interfaces, allows offline downloads on mobile platforms, and features 4K content. However, with other high-profile services now available at cheaper prices, the expensive costs of Netflix’s comparable plans stand out. For the time being, Netflix remains an Editors’ Choice for on-demand video streaming services, thanks to its varied, top-score content and capable apps. 


  • High-quality original programming 
  • Without ad streaming 
  • Excellent apps and features 
  • Offline downloads on mobile 
  • Physical media rental option 


  • Expensive and no longer offers a trial 
  • Little to no information about changes to the availability of content 

What’s in the Catalog? 

Netflix has an extremely broad catalog of video content, however it changes all the time. Shows available one day may be gone the following. 

Note that Netflix will lose many of its most-watched shows in the near future, including The Office (to NBC’s Peacock), Friends (to HBO Max), and several Marvel movies (to Disney+). This is potentially precarious new ground for Netflix since it will have to rely all the more heavily on its original content in the coming years. In fact, change is already happening. 

Original Productions 

Netflix is in a decent position with its original productions however, with many titles becoming mainstream society phenomenon. This impressive list includes shows like Black Mirror, Bojack Horseman, Dead to Me, Locke and Key, Never Have I Ever, Orange Is the New Black, Ozark, Russian Doll, Stranger Things, The Crown, The Stranger, The Umbrella Academy, and The Witcher 

Feature Films 

Netflix also creates feature films, comedy specials, and documentaries, for the individuals who are looking for something more self-contained. For example, Netflix’s El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie received great reviews. Martin Scorcese’s The Irishman is another example. 

The amount Does Netflix Cost? 

The latest price hike affects the two higher-priced plans. The cheapest option remains at $8.99 every month and gets you access to Netflix’s full content library, however you can only stream in SD quality, download titles to a single device, and watch on one screen at a time. The $13.99-per-month Standard plan (previously $12.99 every month) includes HD streaming, underpins two simultaneous streams, and allows you to download titles on up to two devices at a time. For families or gatherings of friends looking to share accounts, the $17.99-per-month (previously $15.99 every month) plan might be a more feasible option. 

Note that Netflix no longer offers a free trial option. 

Netflix on the Web 

Netflix’s web interface utilizes a dark background, white content, and large media thumbnails. It looks elegant and is easy to navigate via the top menu sections: Home, TV Shows, Movies, Recently Added, and My List. In the upper right-hand corner, you can utilize the search bar, manage your profiles, access account settings, and open Netflix’s help community. 

Netflix on Mobile 

I had no issues installing or logging in to Netflix’s Android app on a Google Pixel 3 running Android 10 or the iOS variant on an iPhone 8 running iOS 11. The app looks and performs fine and closely takes after the web interface. 

Netflix Playback and Streaming 

Netflix’s playback screen is among the best we’ve tried. In addition to the standard 10-second rewind and fast forward buttons, you can also peruse a list of all episodes of a show via season, adjust the audio and subtitle language, and leap to the following episode. 

Accessibility and Extras 

Although Netflix lets you change the audio and subtitle language from the playback screen, you need to head to the web app to customize subtitles. Netflix, along with Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, and Disney+, all offer Audio Descriptions for some programming. 

Can You Watch Netflix with a VPN? 

Netflix’s available catalog varies greatly by your locale, and you may not have the option to watch some shows at all, depending on which nation you live in. Likewise, if you travel abroad, you may unexpectedly find that you can’t continue watching certain shows. In some cases, you can rectify this with a virtual private organization (VPN) service. 



Netflix stocks a tremendous array of quirky and quality TV shows, faction hits, family favorites, and stylish original programming. It also offers offline downloads for mobile devices, without ad streams across all tiers, and convenient features, for example, Smart Downloads. However, its price has crawled up throughout the long term and the launch of high-quality streaming alternatives at significantly lower monthly costs means that it is no longer as great a value.


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