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RankWatchRankWatch is the eponymous search engine optimization stage from the organization situated in India with faculty in the UK too. RankWatch brags a somewhat sizable host clients, promoting offices in 100 nations, with its clear SEO apparatuses offering of rank checking and keyword investigation with SERP information, site review, contender study, and backlink examination, all noticeable from the “President/Agency” dashboard. Neighborhood SEO, cautions, and the imperative white name detailing are included also. 

Lower Price 

An independent company may buy RankWatch for $29 every month with the M arrangement, while a little office may exploit white-mark revealing with the $99 every month L arrangement. In the event that you need a greater shirt and more keywords, just as a record director, the XL arrangement can be had for $449 every month. Or then again custom tailor your arrangement, as you like. Limits are accessible for purchasing a half year ahead of time or 1 year ahead of time. 


Rank Watch guarantees a disentanglement of life to the individuals who are searching for a SEO the board stage that offers a superior view on the entirety of their computerized showcasing efforts. As you, presumably, comprehend, Search Engine Optimization is tied in with remaining in front of the pack, and Rank Watch gives you the instruments that you have to do exactly that.

The organization offers the accompanying highlights: 

  • Contender Watch 
  • Backlink Watch 
  • SERP Archive 
  • Keyword Suggestions 
  • Concealed Opportunity 
  • 100% White Label 
  • Rank Analysis 
  • Robotized Triggers 
  • Revealing 
  • Investigation 
  • Site Analyzer Tool 
  • Versatile Friendly Checker 
  • Google Timeline 
  • Learn 

Progressed Reporting 

RankWatch offers a complete revealing structure, through which you can send out reports from each page. The data can be traded in various configurations, including Excel, CSV and PDF. The reports are adaptable and can be planned for conveyance at specific dates or times. You can have the reports conveyed on a day by day, week after week, or month to month premise. This sort of adaptability is essential to the individuals who need to convey reports to their clients at set occasions. 

City-Based Rank Tracking 

Advanced Marketers over the globe comprehend the significance of having exact, opportune and exact information that arms them with the capacity to settle on very much educated choices. RankWatch makes this conceivable through its City Based Rank Tracking. In the event that you wish to discover how well you are ranked in a specific area, all that you require to do to see the keyword explicit outcomes as your customers see them in different spots is select the search engine, alongside the particular city that you wish to screen. 

Upsides and downsides :

  • Creates decent pdf reports with all the significant data. 
  • It lists the entered keywords from our site in no time and isolates out the text, pictures, videos, neighborhood, and so on 
  • The contender examination is exceptionally definite. 
  • Improved UI design. 
  • It clarifies charts better. 
  • Gives the capacity to eliminate contenders like Wikipedia from the blend. 
  • Quantifiable profit 
  • It’s a tiny venture to get information on our site’s exhibition. 
  • The reports show some example advertisements that our rivals use, which is extremely sagacious. 
  • It causes us improve our promotion duplicate and saves money on advertisement spending in light of the fact that our keywords are ranked better. 

Use Cases and Deployment Scope 

The IT office utilizes this administration to keep on top of the keyword ranking on Google to perceive how our site is performing versus the contenders. It spares us a ton of time by not researching all the intricate details of Google keywords. The apparatus thoroughly takes care of us. 


We Recommend RankWatch 

We, at Planet Marketing, strongly prescribe RankWatch to those that are searching for a strong Keyword Tracking administration. The organization offers a set-up of all the instruments that you would require to complete a far reaching investigation of your Search Engine execution, as far as your picked keywords. You likewise get the capacity to distinguish and investigate the presentation of your greatest rivals. That, yet it likewise offers you a confined perspective on your exhibition, which permits you to investigate your presentation in any town or city over the globe.


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