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SECockpitSECockpit is a well-known keyword research instrument made by SwissMadeMarketing in 2010. 

Keyword research tools help you locate the correct keywords to make you rank on the first page of Google. 

This article will survey the device, assisting you with choosing if it’s appropriate for your SEO needs. 

SECockpit is one of the more feature-rich keyword research tools available. The software originally hit the market in 2010, made by Swiss organization 

SwissMadeMarketing. It is noted for its wide exhibit of features, and super-quick speeds. 


SECockpit is an online instrument, there is no requirement for any downloading or establishment. It is 100% sudden spike in demand for the cloud and works with all web programs. 

There are 5 fundamental features of the SECockpit keyword research apparatus. 

  • Keyword Research 
  • Keyword Ideas 
  • Keyword Analysis 
  • Competition Analysis 
  • Organize Keywords 
  • Keyword Research 
  • Keyword research is the primary capacity of SECockpit, and it positively doesn’t baffle. 

Since SECockpit is run on the web, through the cloud, it has blasting, unparalleled paces. It can break down and measure 200 keywords in a solitary moment. This is a movement no other keyword research device can coordinate. 

You can examine keywords in each language and country, just as import your own rundown. 

Keyword Ideas 

Another flawless feature of SECockpit is that it can create you new keywords, in light of your present ones. Essentially enter in your seed keyword, and the instrument will restore you a rundown of variations. The rundown of keyword varieties are sourced from different better places. Here’s top notch of spots where your outcomes may come from. 

  • Google AdWords/Search Suggest/Related Searches 
  • YouTube Search Suggest 
  • Amazon Search Suggest 

Keyword Analysis 

Beside nonexclusive volume, CPC and competition data, SECockpit offers some further developed keyword analysis. 

It will toss you a gigantic rundown of “related keywords” that are like your seed ones. 

The best 10 ranking pages of your keyword will be investigated — each page will have its PageRank, on-page SEO and backlinks reviewed. 

There is additionally a remarkable measurement called the “specialty esteem.” It’s the little green bar close to the recorded keyword. 

The specialty esteem is essentially traffic volume, partitioned by competition level. It’s intended to be an extreme measurement for a keyword. In SECockpit’s own words, “the entirety of the data SECockpit accumulates, reduced into a solitary worth.” 

Competition Analysis 

Since SECockpit’s keyword analysis is so broad, it’s additionally very useful for competition analysis. 

Those initial 10 outcomes analysis for your keywords incorporates imperative measurements that give you extraordinary knowledge. 

These measurements include: 

  • MozRank 
  • PageRank (Page Authority) 
  • Domain Authority 
  • Backlinks 
  • Internal Links 
  • Facebook Likes 
  • Facebook Shares 
  • Tweets 

It’s likewise imperative to take note of that this data comes from the Moz database. Additionally, “MozRank” is fundamentally a connection ubiquity score — it quantifies the significance of pages contrasted with others. You can likewise contrast your URLs and your competition, which is significant on the grounds that it can, and does, impact ranking. 

Organize Keywords 

SECockpit is additionally very useful for getting sorted out your keywords and the data related with them. The software has dominate quality separating, causing you discover keywords that are ideal for explicit perspectives. 

Need keywords for a Google AdWords crusade? Forget about it. Or on the other hand perhaps you’re searching for keywords with low competition and great search volume for your blog? SECockpit’s dominate sheet configuration will help you discover them. 


Because of the broad idea of SECockpit, it very well may be more hard to utilize. There are extraordinary onboarding support features — this will be covered instantly. 


  • Speed 
  • Amazing Features 
  • Awesome Support 


  • Expensive 
  • Lacks Integrations 
  • Steeper Learning Curve 



SECockpit is one of, if not, the most costly keyword research tools available today. It, in any case, is likewise one of the most broad, feature-rich choices accessible. It genuinely is the extravagance decision. 

Is it SECockpit for you? No one but you can realize that. However, on the off chance that you have the financial plan, and need a “best in class” keyword research instrument, this may be the ideal fit.


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