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SEOmonitorSEOmonitor began life as an SEO office until Google chose to eliminate organic keyword information from Google Analytics. SEOmonitor then responded to the call to gauge non-branded organic inquiry visits, and the device was conceived. 


SEOmonitor is a force device with a ton of intensity highlights; from automatic keyword research and keyword gathering to permeability, opportunity-, and trouble scores, contender experiences, anticipating, and report building. How about we feature a portion of its superpowers to you: 

Automatic Keyword Research 

The device recognizes a huge number of keywords that are applicable to you, shows how testing it is rank in the best 10 of the Google results for such keywords, and the worth it creates whenever you’ve made it to the highest point of the query items. 

Opportunity Indicator 

By gauging the pursuit volume, the trouble, and the position of each followed keyword, SEOmonitor can organize the keywords that most likely have the greatest effect on visits, for less exertion, in the briefest measure of time. 

Permeability Score 

It gives you a diagram of the general presentation in Google. It encourages you to recognize changes in your SEO execution, contrasts them and non-brand traffic, and shows which keywords or keyword-bunches affected the general permeability the most. 

Business Case Builder 

Permeability, irregularity, and SEO trouble information are joined to make practical gauges of non-branded organic traffic and changes, after a seemingly endless amount of time after-month. Also, this element is especially valuable when pitching SEO administrations to customers; you can make an information-driven SEO proposition in under a moment, which will be difficult for your customers to deny – what more might you be able to request. 

Adaptable Pricing 

The value that you pay for SEOmonitor relies upon the number of websites and keywords that you track. One website and up to 300 keywords – the least expensive alternative – is € 49 every month. With each website that you add while keeping similar number of keywords, the cost increments by 10 euro. For every 100 or 1000 keywords that you add extra, the cost increment changes. Furthermore, when following more than 100.000 keywords, a custom cost is intended for you. 

Whichever estimating plan you settle on, you will consistently have limitless admittance to all the highlights. While paying more than € 300 every month for the instrument, you will likewise have unlimited admittance to pitching assets, which proves to be useful for any organization. 


  • Day by day web crawler refreshes 
  • Simple to gathering and shrewd gathering keywords into envelopes 
  • Keyword cannibalization admonitions: This channel shows how frequently Google has changed your presentation pages in the SERPs, focusing on similar keywords. On the off chance that an excessive amount of progress is found by SEOmonitor, it implies that Google can’t choose which keywords identify with which page. By investigating your cannibalization show, you may make new pages or update the content on those pages. 
  • Anticipating: Forecasting is a truly accommodating element for defining up objectives in your SEO crusades. At the point when you center around a bunch of keyword gatherings, SEOmonitor will estimate the measure of traffic and PPC costs and predicts a what-if situation. The determined information depends on your Google Analytics information that the record is connected to. 
  • Opportunity markers: The open door pointer is a fundamental count of how much income you would acquire when you arrive at the top outcome. By visually taking a gander at these markers, you may change your keyword methodology and attempt to acquire income, with less exertion. This is an extraordinary component to set income and deals objectives for your SEO endeavors by characterizing position based KPI’s. 
  • A simple approach to learn contender keywords: SEOmonitor lets you effectively explore your rivals’ keywords and see which ones are oftentimes utilized. This will assist you in finding new chances. 
  • Capacity to download a preview of both Desktop and Mobile SERPs, as an HTML page 


  • Confounding UI 
  • Determining 
  • The steep expectation to absorb information 
  • Somewhat costly due to its day by day web index refreshes 



For our customer Oleg Cassini, SEOmonitor truly caused us out by discovering cannibalization issues, keyword openings, and keyword positioning information. What’s more, that, as well as the anticipating highlight, was valuable as we had the option to foresee potential incomes and changes. With the assistance of SEOmonitor, Oleg Cassini is currently ordered on the principal page – and even in front of the pack – in the SERPs, for conventional industry keywords.


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