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The OptimizerThe Optimizer is the mechanized campaign management and optimization stage. It permits you to automatically obstruct/initiate publishers, ads or automatically changes offers and spending plans for your sake, and significantly more, in light of the conditions you need. 

TheOptimizer Advantages 

To share an appropriate stage survey with you, we set aside the effort to test it ourselves just as request some from their present clients about their experience and the advantages they picked up while utilizing TheOptimizer. 

  • It doesn’t bargain the current campaign set up to have the option to utilize it. 
  • It automatically coordinates traffic sources and affiliate tracker campaigns, and precisely totals clicks, spend, and income in one spot. 
  • You can do dayparting and computerize your offering system to stay aware of the competition without losing traffic. 
  • With 20+ coordinated traffic sources, it’s excessively simple to scale profitable campaigns into other traffic sources while as yet keeping up full control over their presentation on autopilot. 
  • You have more opportunity to chip away at your campaign’s content which combined with computerized campaign optimization, helps in improving outcomes. 

Connecting to TheOptimizer 

At the point when you initially make a record a record on TheOptimizer Mobile, TheOptimizer Native, or streamlining agent the primary thing you need to do is connect the traffic sources and following stages through the Account Wizard. 

Improve Your Campaign Results by 

  • Automatically scaling your spending plans all over-dependent on the genuine campaign execution. 
  • Automatically setting the privilege CPC dependent on your genuine EPC (ensured ROI) on Campaign/Publisher/Target/Ad gathering or Ad level (as indicated by traffic source’s offering abilities). 
  • Creating your own automatic publisher blacklists that you offer and re-use among a few campaigns. 

The streamlining agent account wizard 

Here’s a bit by bit breakdown of the cycle: 

  • Step 1: Add another traffic source > Select and enter the traffic source connection data > Save and snap Next. 
  • Step 2: Add another following stage > Select and enter your tracker connection data > Save and snap Next. 
  • Step 3: Link the traffic source account you connected to Step 1 with the corresponding traffic source connection found on your tracker, at that point click finish. 
  • In Step 3, you will get a rundown of the necessary following tokens for each traffic source. 

In case any of them is missing, essentially update your traffic source configuration on your tracker at that point click finish. Once you’ve effectively completed the connection cycle, your campaigns should be recorded in the Campaign’s tab in around 10 minutes. 

Optimizing Your Campaigns 

Once your campaigns are noticeable on your TheOptimizer account, you can begin making different automatic optimization rules. 

Optimizing Publishers 

Like with most traffic sources the main thing you need to do is dispose of your most noticeably terrible performing publishers/gadgets that are harming your campaign’s ROI. For example, you can hinder all publishers/gadgets dependent on their spending, active clicking factor, or in any event, point of arrival active visitor clicking percentage (model beneath). 

Optimizing Ads 

When running local, push, or adult traffic, other than optimizing your campaigns on the publisher level, you need to advance your campaigns on the ad level also. This way you ensure that you are keeping your best-performing image and headline combinations regarding active visitor clicking percentage, conversion rate just as cost per acquisition. 

the optimizer


Consistency is one of the key achievement components in execution based marketing or affiliate marketing, and automation is the ideal add-on to assist us with accomplishing the outcomes we need. 

In any event, when contrasted with a major group of media purchasing groups, automation will in any case assist us with dodging mistakes we regularly make because of exhaustion and long working hours.


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