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ZikAnalyticsZik Analytics is one of the most impressive spy tools on eBay, you can discover top-rated products on different stores and on eBay. Furthermore, ZikAnalytics offers numerous different highlights, for example, product keyword research, following your competitors, upgrading your store across sales channels, and improving search execution. 

For what reason is Zik Analytics the best search instrument for eBay in the market? 
  • The accompanying principle reasons recommend that Zik Analytics is the best programming to discover effective products on eBay: 
  • Made by drop shippers: to help them find what and how to sell on eBay. 
  • Ability to search for a class and discover eBay’s Category Search: top of the line products for that classification. 
  • Market Research: You can check the date to list a product. Market research causes you to decide whether a thing is working appropriately on eBay. You don’t need to figure. 
  • Competitive Research: See other drop shippers and discover which products have been on eBay for the last 7, 14, 21, or 30 days. 
  • Store Analytics: An extraordinary apparatus to comprehend the significant insights of your eBay store, for example, B. Portion of sales, number of products recorded, pay and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 
  • Online Seminars: As referenced prior, the device proprietor is a drop transporter, giving cutting-edge data and questions and replies in the Facebook group to help you. to the network and answer every one of your inquiries. 
  • Private Facebook Group: Excellent people group, you can pose your inquiries and ensure they are replied to. It is a functioning network on eBay. 
  • Masters some of the time charge a ton of cash for private exercises. In Private Mentoring for SkyRocket Your Dropshipping Company on eBay: Zik Analytics, you’ll locate various incredible drop shippers that can assist you with becoming your eBay business and take it to the following level. Negligible expenses in return for your time, far superior to arbitrary masters on Facebook or YouTube you know nothing about. 

Main Features:

Advantages of utilizing ZIK Analytics Pro tools to fabricate your eBay business. You can rapidly discover a large number of hot products. Fill your eBay store with beneficial things! Get eBay sales information, all things considered, and see what products have the greatest sales potential. Channel for sales, remarks, and costs to discover important acquiring openings. Next, spare the products you found, and fare them into your posting programming. 

Remain one stride in front of your competitors. Sweep all suppliers that utilization the contender research instrument to be propelled for new product thoughts. You’ll before long observe what sells well, and gain proficiency with the procedures that effective merchants use to overwhelm on eBay. 

Competitors in the search results 

Get your products on the main page of eBay’s search results. View the best keywords for each eBay product, arranged by different competitors and sales measurements. Next, utilize the information to make titles for your postings that can be utilized to rank high in the search results. 

Pros :

  • Product research: You can search for the name of a product and choose whether or not its value selling dependent on the outcomes. 
  • Competitor research: Scan eBay dealers, check their presentation, discover their smash hits, and concoct groundbreaking thoughts for product transfers. 
  • Bulk Scanner: This instrument encourages you to get all the products from one vendor dependent on your own foreordained models. 
  • Category research: With results taken from Google Analytics, you can see which specialty (or sub-specialty) is performing best right now. 
  • Title analytics instrument: Discover since quite a while ago followed and conventional keywords that will gather traffic dependent on the sales they bring. 
  • Zik Academy: Subscribers get free admittance to a variety of instructive substance. 
  • Has a free preliminary (7 days) 


  • The mass scanner accompanies an extra additional cost. 

ZikAnalytics Pricing 

  • ZikAnalytics Enterprise Plan $50/month, $600 Billed Annually 
  • ZikAnalytics Popular Standard Plan $ 40/month, $480 Billed Annually 
  • ZikAnalytics Starter Plan $25/month, $300 Billed Annually 
  • ZIK Pro Tools (700 month to month filters for Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, CA, Walmart, and Home Depot) 
  • ZikAnalytics


Zik analytics is likely perhaps the best apparatus. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you don’t care for it, need a superior arrangement, or are searching for highlights that Zik Analytics doesn’t offer, the options above are essential for your most ideal choices. 


We trust you’ll locate the correct device to develop your business with our rundown of free answers for all to more costly activities for specialists.


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